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Carpentry | A Key Part of Property Extensions
and Loft Conversions in Portsmouth and Other Projects

Construction is a process which involves numerous trades and services. One of these is carpentry. Carpentry is an essential part of nearly every construction project, from loft conversions and property extensions to new build homes. It also forms part of many house renovations and refurbishments. As qualified and time-served carpenters, we undertake a comprehensive range of domestic and commercial carpentry for clients in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas. Here, we highlight what to expect from carpenters depending on your project.

With our team, you can rest easy knowing all carpentry meets the highest standard, from studwork and roof truss installation to doors and flooring. While we provide carpentry for our own projects, we also work alongside main contractors on various residential and commercial builds. Read our testimonials to learn more about our carpentry work from our previous customers.


There are different ways to build property extensions, and your Portsmouth extension may even be part of house renovations, so carpentry services can vary. If you opt for a timber frame extension, carpentry will cover the construction of this frame. All extensions include aspects of first and second-fix carpentry, such as window frames and boards, wooden doors, wooden flooring, staircase construction, skirtings and architraves.

Furthermore, carpenters undertake roof truss installation to provide the frame and support for the new roof.


Loft conversions generally require less structural work, but carpentry remains integral to these projects. Some attic conversions involve roof alterations, such as creating dormer windows or turning a hipped roof into a gable roof. Such works require specialist carpentry skills, which our company can provide in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas.

Other services include constructing new staircases and adding floor joists. In larger conversions, it is also common to erect partition walls to create separate rooms. In addition, to maximise space, you may opt for built-in storage/furniture.

When providing commercial carpentry for new developments, we can even construct attic roof trusses which include space for a loft room.

Renovations and Refurbishments

While house renovations and refurbishments often include aspects of carpentry, this really depends on the work being undertaken. Renovations can involve all kinds of repairs, which can cover wooden features and components, such as:

Likewise, refurbishments involve upgrading and installing new features, which can include carpentry. Some examples are new kitchens, loft conversions and new partition walls.

Contract Services

Havant Carpentry Services Ltd works with builders and commercial clients in the Portsmouth area to provide specialist carpentry solutions. Our team undertakes commercial carpentry for new build developments and refurbishments, covering all sectors. This includes all aspects of first and second-fix carpentry and interior finishes.

Our team is also adept at roof truss installation. We install trusses in any profile you require for new builds and property extensions, as well as any other project which requires a new roof.

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Havant, Hampshire, PO8 8UX