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House Renovation
in Southampton, Chichester and the Surrounding Areas

Do you want to improve your home, or are you looking to completely renovate a dilapidated house? No matter the condition of your property, or your goal, Havant Carpentry Services Ltd provides expert, tailored solutions in line with your objectives. With a commitment to, and reputation for, delivering quality craftsmanship at a reasonable price, we are a leading name for house renovation and refurbishment in the Southampton, Portsmouth and Chichester areas.

Whether modernising an individual room/area or transforming an entire property, either for your own use or for resale, we treat every job equally. What matters to us is delivering exceptional results and ensuring your complete satisfaction. That is why we offer a satisfaction guarantee before the final invoice. Get in touch with us to find out more about our renovations and refurbishments and other services, such as house extensions and roof truss installation.


Thorough Renovation and Refurbishment Solutions

Our company undertakes full and partial renovation and refurbishment works. This allows us to meet the precise needs of our customers, giving you the flexibility to pick and choose the services you require. We can help you make the most of your budget and property and offer advice on everything from design and planning to products and materials.The following are key aspects of our services:

Space Creation

One of the main reasons homeowners choose to undertake refurbishments is to create more usable space. Havant Carpentry Services offers various solutions to maximise living space. This includes:

Structural Work

As part of house renovations and refurbishments, our team can carry out safe, considered structural work. This covers fixing, changing, removing or adding load-bearing elements such as walls, beams and foundations.

Kitchen Renovations

We supply and fit kitchens in every style to create attractive and highly functional spaces. We are happy to recommend kitchen suppliers but work with any brand. Havant Carpentry Services Ltd ensures the features and layout suit your needs and make the most of available space.

New Property Specs

Our team in Chichester, Portsmouth, Southampton and the surrounding areas can renovate existing properties to new specifications. This is particularly relevant to older or dilapidated homes, which may not meet the latest building regulations and standards. Providing a wide range of skills and trades, we ensure your property offers optimal performance and safety. This can include improving energy efficiency.

Future-Proof Your Property

If you want to preserve your home for future generations, contact us for customised house renovations and refurbishments. Modern materials and systems will ensure your home continues to meet occupier needs for many years to come. Furthermore, our professional solutions prevent issues which could lead to property damage and/or safety concerns.

Preserving existing properties in this way also contributes to sustainability because it helps reduce the need for new construction in the future.

Please call 07957 607419 for house renovation and refurbishment in Southampton, Chichester and the nearby areas.

Havant, Hampshire, PO8 8UX