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From House Renovation to Roof Truss Installation in Southampton
| Making the Right Choice for Your Project

When planning anything from home improvements to large-scale developments, it is important to make the right decisions in terms of construction styles and methods. As well as ensuring the overall quality and longevity of the structure, this is vital to delivering results which meet the needs of the end user. At Havant Carpentry Services Ltd, we have industry qualifications and decades of on-the-job experience in property extension, loft conversion, house renovation, commercial carpentry and roof truss installation. This enables us to provide expert advice to help our clients in Southampton and the surrounding areas get the most from their projects and properties.

You can use this guide as a starting point to help make key decisions relating to your project. For more detailed and tailored advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly team is always ready to assist.

House Extensions and Conversions

When it comes to extending living space within your home, you have many options. Firstly, you need to choose between a traditional property extension and converting an existing space, such as a loft or garage. There are also different extension and loft conversion styles.

Consider the following:

  • For an extension in Southampton, you need plenty of available space around your house. You also need to be happy with losing some of this space

  • Conversions are limited in terms of space, whereas an extension can be as big as your property and budget allows, subject to planning permission

  • Extensions and garage conversions are suitable for social and private spaces, including kitchens, living areas, offices and bedrooms

  • Attic conversions provide a higher level of privacy and can reduce noise in the rest of the house, making them ideal for studies, playrooms, bedrooms and bathrooms

  • You can combine an extension or conversion with house renovations and refurbishments to create larger spaces and further customise your home

Roof Framing

At Havant Carpentry Services, we specialise in roof truss installation. Roof trusses are now the preferred option for new build projects in Southampton and the surrounding areas. We regularly provide truss installation for builders and business owners as part of our commercial carpentry services. However, you have the option of roof trusses or traditional rafters, as well as different profiles.

  • Roof trusses are generally the cheaper option and are quicker to install

  • Roof trusses are prefabricated off-site

  • Rafters leave an open space which is suitable for a loft conversion

  • There are a wide range of truss configurations to suit each project, including attic trusses

  • Trusses spread the weight of the roof across numerous struts and braces

  • Rafters have two main outer beams which provide the support

Renovations and Refurbishments

If you want to improve, modernise or personalise your Southampton property, you will need house renovations and/or refurbishments.

  • Renovation involves returning features and wider properties to a good state of repair

  • Refurbishment is the process of improvement by decorating, re-equipping and retrofitting

Renovation is the answer for houses which are in poor condition, including structurally and cosmetically. Refurbishments cover things like upgrades and adaptations to help you get the most from your home. For example, they can include property extensions, new kitchens and interior alterations.

It is also possible to renovate and refurbish commercial properties, which our company can assist with through our commercial carpentry solutions, including roof truss installation.

For house renovation, roof truss installation and more in Southampton and the nearby areas, call 07957 607419.

Havant, Hampshire, PO8 8UX